Tax Forms

Tax Forms can be downloaded from here by clicking the link.

Tax Questionnaire: Each person filing must download and complete this form, even for a couples tax return, each party must complete their own questionnaire. Once completed, please save and rename, and then upload to your tax portal.

Corporate Tax Questionnaire

2023 Tax Questionnaire

2022 Tax Questionnaire

2021 Tax Questionnaire

2020 Tax Questionnaire

2019 Tax Questionnaire

2018 Tax Questionnaire

2017 Tax Questionnaire

2016 Tax Questionnaire

Self Employed Worksheet: Included in this document is the worksheet to calculate business use of home and car for self-employed individuals or those that have employee expenses requiring the use of home or car as per their T2200.

Self Employed Home and Car Worksheets Fillable

T2125 Form to categorize self employed revenues and expenses.

If you need space to itemize your details, this one can be used instead T2125 Form Detailed

Rental Income: Please use form T776  to calculate the revenue and expenses incurred from rental properties

T776 Form to be Filled to categorize rental income revenue and expenses.

Employment Expenses: Please use form T777 to calculate the employment expenses incurred. Please note that a completed and signed form T2200 is required from your employer.

T777 Form to be Filled to categorize employment expenses.